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developed for M96 and M97 Porsche™ engines as seen in Excellence Magazine's November, 2011 issue, see the Tech Forum!

CALL: (706) 219-4874

and coming soon, the

developed for Type IV Volkswagen engines, and coming soon for other vehicles!

Welcome to Raby Engine Development.

Interested in a Raby Subaru Conversion?

IMS Guardian - Engine Failure Detection System

New Name for an Established Reputation

The latest evolution in the pursuit of engine excel
lence from Jake Raby - introducing Raby Engine Development, home of the REDLine™ certified automotive product line. For more than 20 years, Jake Raby and his dedicated crew of engine gurus have solved problems.

If there's a problem with a Volkswagen™ Type IV or Porsche™ engine, they will research it, identify the cause and a known solution, or develop a new solution until the problem is solved.

A reputation built on excellence.

Whether it's from the Aircooled Technology division, the Flat 6 Innovations division, or the new Subaru Engine Development division, every Raby engine is hand-crafted, meticulously tested, and RED Line™ certified to be the highest quality available anywhere.

Exciting new product announcements for your vehicle coming soon!

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