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Guardian vs. RetroFit

IMS Guardian vs. IMS RetroFit

The IMS Guardian™ is the first line of defense for your M96 or M97 engine, monitoring the level of internal wear and tear of the stock Intermediate Shaft (IMS) Bearing as well as other engine components.

The IMS RetroFit Kit can save your engine by replacing the stock IMS Bearing before catastrophic damage can occur. Together, they will keep your vehicle on the road longer.

So How Do I Know Which Product I Might Need? IMS Guardian? Or IMS RetroFit Kit?

The stock Intermediate Shaft (IMS) Bearing in the M96 and M97 engine has the potential to deteriorate over time, allowing resulting metal debris to infiltrate your engine carried by the engine oil. Due to the location of the IMS Bearing within the engine, this deterioration process is not visible without removing major engine components, and generally has no visible or audible warning signs prior to eventual catastrophic engine failure. See IMS Failures Explained for a more detailed explanation of this process.

The IMS RetroFit Kit was developed by Raby Engine Development's Flat 6 Innovations division in 2009 to replace the stock IMS Bearing in your M96 and M97 engine before deterioration and damage can occur - in effect, saving your engine and keeping your vehicle on the road longer. The drawback was that, with no warning signs, it was a guessing game to know when or if an IMS RetroFit was necessary.

The IMS Guardian™ was created in 2011 to automatically monitor the level of metal debris within your engine and alert you to the presence of debris before major damage can occur. When the IMS Guardian™ alerts, you'll get a visual and audible warning to turn off your engine immediately and call the IMS Hotline number provided with your IMS Guardian™ purchase for individualized customer assistance.

Your Choices:

If you're running an M96 or M97 engine with a stock IMS bearing - you have three choices:

1.  Install an IMS Guardian™ today, to monitor the health of your engine so you'll know if and when an IMS RetroFit is necessary.

2.  Install an IMS RetroFit, to replace the stock IMS bearing to halt further damage and extend the life of your engine.

3.  Take your chances and hope that "it won't happen to you."

By the Numbers

IMS Guardian™ - install this system to automatically monitor for engine deterioration, and KNOW when to take action.....$389 USD 

IMS RetroFit Kit - proactively replace the stock IMS Bearing and eliminate the worry of IMS deterioration.....starting around $995 USD

Take Your Chances - don't invest in either an IMS Guardian™ or an IMS RetroFit Kit, and it's potentially just a matter of time until you'll be replacing your engine.....$15,000 - $30,000 USD

$389 versus $15,000 - $30,000
- The IMS Guardian™ is Inexpensive Peace of Mind!

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IMS Guardian

IMS RetroFit Kit

IMS Failures Explained 


IMS Guardian™
$389.95 MSRP 
to monitor your engine

IMS RetroFit Kit $995 MSRP 
to replace stock IMS bearing

- OR - 

Replacement Engine:
$15,000 - $30,000