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IMS RetroFit Kit

IMS RetroFit Kit

The IMS RetroFit Kit was created in 2009, a joint project of Raby Engine Development's Flat 6 Innovations division and LN Engineering.

For years, some Porsche™ owners have been experiencing critical engine damage and total failure due to the stock Intermediate Shaft (IMS) bearing in the M96 and M97 engines. There are no warning signs or symptoms prior to the engine failures and there is no way to check it's condition without removing major engine parts.
(See IMS Failures Explained for details.)

The IMS RetroFit Kit was the very first product available that made it possible to replace the stock IMS bearing BEFORE catastrophic damage could occur.

Why take the chance with your M96 or M97 engine? Order your IMS RetroFit Kit today - or contact your independent Porsche™ shop owner, or Raby Engine Development to schedule your professional installation.

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Not sure or not ready for an
IMS RetroFit just yet?

Install the IMS Guardian™ to monitor the stock IMS bearing so you'll KNOW when a retrofit is necessary to save your engine.
It's inexpensive peace of mind!

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IMS RetroFit Kit
IMS Guardian™

The perfect "one-two punch"
to save your Porsche™
M96 or M97 engine!